Congrats USA: Oxford Scientists Declare Both Trump & Clinton Likely Psychopathic

In the insanity otherwise known as the 2016 presidential race, it has become common practice to label either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton with various deviant psychiatric personality disorders. In fact, given the latter’s brash and often conflicting rhetoric and the former’s proclivity for blatant mendacity, questions linger about whether the two candidates are sane enough to hold office at all.

Is There A Psychopath In Your Life?

RUIN- Is There A Psychopath In Your Life-637x200

What is a psychopath? Do you know one? Ever been the victim of one? The chances are that the answer is yes, even if you may not realize it. The scientific consensus is that one in a hundred people is psychopathic and this breaks down evenly between men and women. (1) Scary thought, huh? What is your idea of a ‘psychopath’? A serial killer? A crazy person foaming at the mouth? Think again.

Top Superpowers Secretly Preparing For All-Out Robot Wars

World superpowers are engaged in a feverish “arms race” to develop the first killer robots completely removed from human control, the Sun Online can reveal. These machines will mark a dramatic escalation in computer AI from the drones and robots currently in use, all of which still require a human to press the “kill button”. In a series of exclusive interviews, leading experts told The Sun Online machines making life or death decisions will likely be developed within the next 10 years.

Amazon and the CIA Want to Teach AI to Interpret Satellite Imagery

Why can’t computers watch the Earth from above and automatically map our roads, buildings, and trash heaps? Satellite operator DigitalGlobe is teaming up with Amazon, the venture arm of the CIA, and chipmaker Nvidia to try to make it happen.

‘Mind-Controlled Nanobots Could Release Drugs Inside Your Brain’

A man has used thought alone to control nanorobots inside a living creature for the first time. The technology released a drug inside cockroaches in response to the man’s brain activity – a technique that may be useful for treating brain disorders such as schizophrenia and ADHD.

A Third Of Americans “Will Have Only One Choice” On Their Obamacare Plan Next Year


Everyone was forced onto Obamacare. Now, it is collapsing… by design. Sadly, this was the plan all along – to completely socialize health care after the collapse of competition in this new government-backed monopoly market that represents approximately one-sixth of the entire U.S. economy.

Secret Cameras Have Been Warrantlessly Recording An Entire City’s Every Move From Above


Baltimore Police didn’t bother to inform the public (or anyone, for that matter) when they implemented a privately-funded mass surveillance program in January using a wide-angle camera-equipped plane flying above the city — which instantly uploaded and stored everything it recorded, just in case they needed it later.

All Prisons Are Private Prisons

The private-public “partnership” is a fact of life in our country. For over half of the United States and its federal government this has translated into the systematic incorporation of privately-operated prisons; throughout corrections, contracting has facilitated whole industries unto themselves, from video visitation to drone detection to food services, helping drive the direction of prison policy much more quickly through new technology, marketing, and the power of the commission than through data and debate.

Predictive Policing Uses ‘Foursquare’ To Spy On Taxis And Public Transportation

Thanks to ‘Foursquare’, soon law enforcement will be able to spy on anyone’s travel habits without a warrant. Last week, a Penn State article, revealed that Foursquare, allowed researchers to collect data (spy) on everyone’s taxi, bus and train rides all in the name of ‘predictive policing’. Analysis of data from points of interest in Chicago — including restaurants, shops, nightclubs and transit stations — designated by members of FourSquare, a social media site, along with the city’s taxi flow information, offered significantly more accurate estimates of crime rates compared to traditional means.

Your ‘Smart’ Power Outlets Are Now Botnets Thanks To The Internet Of Broken Things

Making fun of the Internet of Things has become a sort of national pastime, made possible by a laundry list of companies jumping into the space without the remotest idea what they’re actually doing. When said companies aren’t busy promoting some of the dumbest ideas imaginable, they’re making it abundantly clear that the security of their “smart,” connected products is absolutely nowhere to be found. And while this mockery is well-deserved, it’s decidedly less funny once you realize these companies are introducing thousands of new attack vectors in every home and business network the world over. Overshadowed by the lulz is the width and depth of incompetence on display. Thermostats that fail to heat your home. Door locks that don’t protect you. Refrigerators that leak Gmail credentials. Children’s toys that listen to your kids’ prattle, then (poorly) secure said prattle in the cloud. Cars that could, potentially, result in your death. The list goes on and on, and it grows exponentially by the week.

University Study Shows How Prison Populations Skyrocket — Despite Record Low Crime

The justice system’s aversion to repeat offenders — not a rise in actual crime — feeds the prison-industrial complex, a new study has essentially found, as a record number of people receiving prison sentences have prior convictions. Ohio State University sociologist Ryan King examined 33 years of data from the Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines Commission — around 355,000 felony convictions — and found despite the sharp decline in the crime rate since the mid-1990s, judges are often faced with repeat-offenders, whom they tend to sentence more harshly. “The issue is that the average offender who appears before a judge for sentencing today has a much more extensive criminal record than they did in the past,” noted King, a professor of sociology at OSU.

Self-Flying Security Guard Employs Artificial Intelligence


Aptonomy Inc. has developed drone technology that could make prison breaks, robberies or malicious intrusions of any kind impossible for mere mortals. Dubbing it a kind of “flying security guard,” the company has built its systems on top of a drone often used by movie-makers, the DJI S-1000+, a camera-carrying octocopter.