Council For National Policy The ‘Right’ Hand Of The CFR

The Council for National Policy (CNP) describes their organization as one that “brings together the country’s most influential conservative leaders in business, government, politics, religion, and academia to hear and learn from policy experts … to cultivate ideas to help solve America’s growing problems.” One of the main goals of the CNP is to counter the liberal agendas of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) by being the Conservative equivalent.

The Shocking Truth About ‘Clinical Death’ Every Organ Donor Should Know

Jim Fritze, a Swedish citizen, recently suffered a stroke that left him paralyzed in the hospital. To his horror, he over-heard the doctors speaking with his “girlfriend and my relatives that there was no hope. I couldn’t do anything. I could only see and hear. I couldn’t move my body.” Fritze was fully conscious and utterly unable to communicate with the hospital staff who assumed he was dead. During the conversation, Fritze recalls the doctors discussed taking his organs for transplant purposes. Just before Fritze was declared legally dead, a doctor looked over his X-rays and decided he would recover. To Fritze luck, the medical team backed off from beginning to remove the patient’s organs.

Pathology, Incorporated: The Facade Of American Democracy

With the rigged Democratic presidential nomination behind us, the US election reality show continues. The mass media is creating sensations around what has become a national embarrassment with this contest of the lesser of the two crazies. On the one hand we have Donald Trump, depicted as a quintessential narcissist and on the other, Hillary Clinton who is often portrayed as a sociopath. Hype is created by putting these labels on the candidates, pitting one personality disorder against the other.

Stop Kidding Yourselves — Americans Have Nothing To Celebrate This Labor Day

As Bill Clinton lines up for shameless photo shoots in preparation to march with organized labor down Michigan Avenue in Detroit this morning, Americans have very little to celebrate this holiday. Americans are forced to choose between two people who’ve done nothing to support domestic job growth and who personify government created class separation. On one end is the ostensibly socialist Clinton who’s a cheerleader for NAFTA and the TPP — two job killing pieces of tyrannical legislation. And, on the other end is Donald Trump, who pretends to be for American jobs while gaming the U.S. visa system to hire temporary foreign workers and pay them pennies on the dollar.

Billionaires Get OK to Set Up Shop on the Moon… with Robots

Billionaires Naveen Jain, Bob Richards and Barney Pell received an ok from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to send an unmanned lander to the Moon. Moon Express will be “the first company ever in history… to leave Earth’s orbit and land on a celestial body” in order to harvest the moon’s resources, including minerals such as titanium and platinum.

USDA Chicken Nugget Recall: Plastic is the Least of Your Worries

(Susanne Posel) The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) stated in a press release that Perdue Foods LLC would recall 4,530 pounds of chicken nugget products produced for Applegate Farms, a brand found at Target stores. The reason for the recall is that the food “may be contaminated with extraneous plastic materials”. According to the USDA, […]

Big Pharma’s Nefarious Control of Health Care. The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program

(Dr. Gary G. Kohls) Everybody should be aware by now of the large amount of control that for-profit multinational corporations have over both state and federal legislative bodies and most of our congressional and presidential politicians. But they also have a lot of control over the major media, the “defense” spending priorities at the Pentagon, […]

New Study Quantifies U.S. Fascism — Nearly Half of All Retired Congress Members Become Lobbyists

(Jay Syrmopoulos) As a member of the U.S. Congress, one can expect to earn a substantial income of $174,000 per year – a very comfortable sum to live on. But it doesn’t stop there, now legislators are frequently using their political careers as a stepping-stone to a much larger payday upon retirement, often quintupling their […]