AI-Enhanced Speed Cameras Can Catch You Texting, Notify Police

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(Daily Mail) People who text and drive may want to think twice, as there could soon be more than the police on their case.

An AI-enhanced speed camera has been designed that will catch people on their phones and notify the authorities directly.

The futuristic technology could be used to monitor behaviours including leaving suspicious packages, drivers distracted by mobile devices, and intruders trying to access secure locations.

The technology comes from a collaboration between Movidius and Chinese security camera maker, Hikvision, and could change the future of surveillance.

As well as tracking people on their phones, the technology will also allow cameras to identify car models and detect whether or not the occupants are wearing seat belts.

Remi El-Ouazzane, CEO of Movidius, said: ‘Advances in artificial intelligence are revolutionizing the way we think about personal and public security.

‘The ability to automatically process video in real-time to detect anomalies will have a large impact on the way cities’ infrastructures are being used.’

Advanced algorithms reside inside cameras themselves, and information processing occurs instantaneously, rather than the information needing to be sent to the cloud to be processed. 

This reduces the need for transmitting information to a central server or human operator unless a serious threat or violation is reported.

The firms now claim that the cameras can achieve 99 per cent accuracy.

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