Campus Police Are Using ‘Bias Response Teams’ And ‘Threat Assessments’ To Control Students

(MASS PRIVATE I) According to the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), at least 231 colleges and universities have created ‘Bias Response Teams’ or BRT’s. BRT’s encourage nearly 3 MILLION students to anonymously report offensive free speech to administrators and campus police. Encouraging students and faculty to anonymously report one another for subversive or offensive speech is Un-American.

How is this any different than DHS”s “If You See Something, Say Something” spying program?
FIRE defines a bias reporting system as any system that provides:
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No one knows how many BRT’s exist
Schools and campus police use BRT’s, ‘Mental Health/Threat Assessments’ and ‘Campus Response Teams’ to create detailed reports on every student.
 Police are giving everyone ‘Mental Health Assessments’
To find out more about student ‘Mental Health Assessments’ read ‘Universities are using data analytics to assess students mental health and much more’.
 Students from kindergarten through college are given ‘Threat Assessments’
According to a Secret Service article titled “Evaluating Risk For Targeted Violence In Schools: Comparing Risk Assessment, Threat Assessment and Other Approaches” every student is being PROFILED and given a risk assessment rating.
Colleges and universities also use ‘Campus Safety Teams’ to conduct student threat assessments.

“The creation of Campus Teams that identify and monitor students whose behaviors may be troubling is an opportunity to engage them sooner rather than later, so that they can receive needed referrals or other appropriate assistance and treatment.”

Click here, here & here to learn more about Threat Assessments of kids, students and adults.

Wake up America, our schools and police are using ‘Bias Response Teams’, ‘Threat Assessments’ and more to destroy our Bill of Rights.

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