Council For National Policy The ‘Right’ Hand Of The CFR

() The Council for National Policy (CNP) describes their organization as one that “brings together the country’s most influential conservative leaders in business, government, politics, religion, and academia to hear and learn from policy experts … to cultivate ideas to help solve America’s growing problems.”

One of the main goals of the CNP is to counter the liberal agendas of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) by being the Conservative equivalent.

In 1981, Reverend Tim LaHaye, co-author of the Left Behind series, founded the CNP with his partners including:

  • Paul Weyrich, Christian conservative political organizer, co-founder Heritage Foundation
  • Nelson Baker Hunt, son of H.L. Hunt, oil billionaire
  • John Bircher William Cies

The founders of the CNP stated that they “were seeking to create a Christian conservative alternative to what they believed was the liberalism of the Council on Foreign Relations.”

Their mission statement includes agendas such as “to acquaint our membership with those in positions of leadership in our nation in order that mutual respect be fostered … to encourage the exchange of information concerning the methodology of working within the system to promote the values and ends sought by individual members.”

The CNP is filed as a 501(c)(3) with tax exempt status as of August 1992. Their political spending is mysteriously  omitted from public record.

Members of the CNP past and present include:

• Richard Allen, National Security Advisor under Reagan
• John Ashcroft, former US Attorney General
• Steve Baldwin, Council for National Policy
• Gary Bauer, Family Research Center
• Arnaud De Borchgrave, journalist for Washington Times, Insight magazine
• Richard DeVos, co-founder Amway
• James Dobson, Focus on the Family
• Jerry Falwell, televangelist
• Edwin Feulner, founder Heritage Foundation
• Kevin Gentry, activist Koch Industries
• Larry Klayman, founder Judicial Watch
• Wayne LaPierre, spokesman for the NRA
• Pat Matrisciana, producer The Clinton Chronicles
• Oliver North
• Ralph Reed, former head Christian Coalition
• Pat Robertson, televangelist
• John Sununu, Chief of Staff George H.W. Bush
• Dr. Stan Monteith

Prominent politicians and members of the “right-wing” Conservative movement that have supported and participated in events with the CNP include:

• Erick Erikson, editor-in-chief for
• Louis Brener, managing director for Bain Capital
• Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal
• John Allison, president and CEO for the CATO Institute
• Fred Barnes, executive editor, The Weekly Standard
• Steve Green, President Hobby Lobby Stores
• Jim DeMint, president-elect, The Heritage Foundation
• Michael Medved, syndicated talk show host and author
• Kentucky Senator Rand Paul
• Pat Buchanan
• Erik Prince, founder Blackwater

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In 2004, the New York Times described the CNP as “a little-known club of a few hundred of the most powerful conservatives in the country have met behind closed doors at undisclosed locations for a confidential conference to strategize about how to turn the country to the right.”

Steve Baldwin, executive director of the CNP was quoted as saying his organization “control[s] everything in the world.”

The driving focus of the CNP is to stamp out “the creeping influence of political and philosophical liberalism.”

Baliant, Vazonyi, member of the CNP said that “the views discussed here are among those you see on the television or when you open a newspaper.”

The CNP meet secretly 3 times a year. Members are strongly discouraged from speaking to the press about issues covered at the events or that they even attended a CNP meeting.

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