Execs Representing Companies Worth $3 Trillion Met With Trump

(CNBC) Whoa, that’s a lot of dough walking around in Trump Tower.

President-elect Donald Trump’s mega technology summit in New York on Wednesday hosted leaders of companies that have a combined market value of more than $3 trillion.

That’s more than the GDP of many countries, including, the United Kingdom, France and India, according to data from the World Bank Group. Trump’s tech guests would rank as the fifth-largest country in the world based on GDP.

Apple, of course, came at the top of the list with a market value of $616 billion. Alphabet and Microsoft followed with values of $555 billion and $489 billion, respectively.

Here’s the full list:

Apple — $616 billion
Alphabet — $555 billion
Microsoft — $489 billion
Amazon — $366 billion
Facebook — $347 billion
Intel — $173 billion
Oracle — $167 billion
IBM — $160 billion
Cisco — $154 billion
Tesla — $32 billion
SpaceX — $15 billion
Total — $3.074 trillion

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