Feds Force Hospitals To Report Alleged DUI Patients To Police

(MASS PRIVATE I) I’m having trouble describing Oregon’s disturbing statutes and how two courts made excuses to allow law enforcement to circumvent our Constitution.

This month, an Oregon Appeals court agreed with a district court ruling which forces first responders to become state actors.

“Oregon statue 676.260 says a health care facility “shall notify” a law enforcement officer in the course of treatment when a person’s blood person’s blood alcohol level exceeds .08 percent or their blood contains a controlled substance.”

Police use hospital staff to circumvent Constitution.

Why didn’t Trooper Dunlap seek a warrant?

Because, he knew that the hospital staff would be forced to divulge their findings.

The District court ruled that police couldn’t violate a person’s Constitutional rights because it was the hospital that informed the police.

“After a hearing, the trial court denied defendant’s motion, concluding, as relevant here, that the hospital’s disclosure of defendant’s BAC test result to Dunlap did not violate defendant’s constitutional rights because it did not constitute state action.”

Appeals Court won’t consider if hospital staff are government spies.

“We need not, and do not, consider whether the fact that OR S676.260 required the hospital staff to disclose defendant’s BAC to law enforcement means that the disclosure constituted state action.”

ORS 676.177 allows first responders to give confidential patient information “to the other public entity” meaning the police.

Is this a Kangaroo court or an Appeals court? Why didn’t the Appeals court consider if the hospital staff are state actors?

Because, that’s what first responders/hospital staff have become, they are ‘state actors’.

To find out more about the disturbing Appeals court decision, read the ‘analysis article I, section 9’. In the analysis, you’ll discover how the Feds claim, hospitals are immune from divulging patients records to law enforcement. And if you don’t want to read it, ORS 676.280 spells it out in black & white, first responders are now immune from prosecution.

Pages 826-832 of the Appeals Court ruling claims, the ‘Special Needs Doctrine’ allows the police hospital staff to conduct warrantless searches of patients.

Earlier this year, I warned everyone that doctors and pharmacists were being forced to spy on at 60% of the population.

If you can take one thing away from this article it should be this, the police state will stop at nothing to destroy our civil rights and the justice system is all to eager to aid them.

Whatever happened to the Hippocratic oath, has the police state destroyed that too?

Why aren’t hospitals refusing to do the government’s bidding?

(2008) Seton Highland Lakes Medical Center refused to conduct forced blood draws: hospital refuses to draw blood for police cases.

Oregon hospitals have been spying on sick patients for 12 years.

According to Oregon.gov. Oregon hospitals have been spying on influenza patients since 2005.

“Surveillance for adult and pediatric influenza-related hospitalizations is a collaborative project between U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Adult influenza hospitalization surveillance began during the 2005-06 influenza season and expanded upon the existing pediatric surveillance structure.

The lengths police will go to to circumvent our Constitution is hypocritical and appalling.

To find out how first responders became state actors click herehere & here.

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