How a Totalitarian Government Forces People to Become Subservient to the Party in Control

Source: Globalist Report

War-is-peace-300x225UNDENIABLE evidence has emerged from China, one of the world’s most totalitarian authorities, on how Governments have the capability to turn an entire population into stupid subservient people who cannot think for themselves, but only for the Party in control.

A new study published by Australian researchers in the U.S. journal Science has discovered that China’s one-child policy has created a generation of children who are less competitive, more pessimistic, less conscientious and more risk-averse.

In other words, the one-child policy has created a generation of obedient minions that are subservient to the Party in control.

However, even more disturbing is the fact that this study also confirms that governments, especially those whose philosophy revolves around the communist ideology, are actually capable of forcing people into becoming dumb-down minions that fear risk, don’t trust anyone but the ruling Party and are averse to any thought or suggestion that is not derived from the ruling Party.

PoliceState-300x240The Australian researchers who were responsible for the study used games from the field of experimental economics, along with personality trait surveys.

In total, 421 individuals born one or three years before and after China introduced its controversial population-control policy in 1979 were analysed.

One activity that was used in the research was a “Risk Game’. Each participant was given 100 yuan (US$16) and the choice to invest as much of it as they like with a genuine 50:50 chance of either tripling their investment, or losing everything was revealed to the participant.

Results from the Risk Game concluded that Children born under the one-child policy invested significantly less, at 58.1%, versus 66.4% for children born before the policy.

The study’s authors said they had accounted for other factors that could explain this and other differences. For example, they reduced the role age could play in the results by re-examining the data only from individuals born a year either side of the policy, and found similar results across all of the games.

2116358295_5333c135d7-300x186Therefore, if governments have the ability to influence the way people think and feel within such a short time frame, is it not feasible that If a World Government ever became a reality (Or a centralized Global Government), policies similar to China’s one-child policy could be enacted inadvertently on the unsuspecting public?

Proclamations from the upper echelons of Government and private interests for a centralized World Government or Global Government Body needs to be prohibited and the public needs to be made more aware of the risks of establishing World Government.

The more we centralize our government, the greater risk the world faces of a Global Dictatorship becoming a reality.

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