Introducing Designer Babies

Source: Motherboard

[…] Now with each new scientific breakthrough or technological innovation we’re getting further from “natural” selection and closer to commercial eugenics, and a frightening future of humanity in which Gattaca is science fiction no more. The latest advancement comes from the UK, where researchers from the Royal Veterinary College have successfully engineered “designer sperm” that can be passed down to future generations.

Researchers generated transgenic animals by altering the genes in the sperm of mice and inserting the custom genes into an embryo. The baby mice were born with the new genetic material in tact, and it was passed on through three generations. The study was published last week in the FASEB journal. 

This idea of gene therapy—manipulating DNA as a medical treatment—has long held the promise of preventing inherited disease, and researchers say the new sperm-centric approach, if it works in humans, could be a breakthrough for the health industry.

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