Mainstream Media As A Military Weapon

(Intercept Media) Waldemar Perez spoke at Portland Community College, Sylvania Campus on May 10th, 2015.

New guest Waldemar Perez, an engineer and former employee of the Department of Defense joins me to expose the mainstream mockingbird media as the MILITARY WEAPON it has become over recent decades. Waldemar’s presentation ‘Mainstream Media as a Weapon of Social Engineering and War’ had a profound impact on me after I discovered it recently on You Tube and posted it at SGT Report. It’s never been more clear that multimillionaire CFR member mockingbirds like Diane Sawyer, Brian Williams, Erin Burnett, George Stephanopoulos, Andrea Mitchell and Mika Brzezinski, to name but just a few – are not just highly compensated actors, they are TRAITORS to the the United States of America and its people. Join us as we expose them.

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