Narcissist Uses Money To Separate Siblings

(Narcissism Survivor) The Narcissist’s tool bag contains their money. This tool is often used to triangulate between the siblings leaving the Golden Child to keep feeding supply to the Narcissist. In other words, the primary goal of money in the narcissistic family dynamic is to favoritize the golden child and devalue the scapegoat. – SNN Editor

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  • Lisa W.

    This describes my narcissistic mother so well. I’m the scapegoat child. One of my brothers is the golden child. My brother went to the most expensive private school in town. I not only went to a state school but she complained and derided me whenever the school asked for a small voluntary contribution to cover some event. My mom bought my brother a car before he was even old enough to drive. He’s now in his 50’s and she’s still buying him cars. She must have bought him six or seven cars. She has never bought me a car. When I mentioned this to her, her response was “But you had a bicycle.” In her mind, that bicycle was so undeserved and such a huge sacrifice for my parents that it offsets all my brothers’ cars. Now my brother and I have children. She does nothing for my children, but she’s buying his children cars! She also pays for them to go on expensive trips, pays for their music lessons, etc. She always pulls the conversation back to herself, my brother and my brother’s children. If one of my kids has a major achievement and I mention it to her, she gets insulted and responds by telling me that my brother’s children are doing well in the same area. It’s good to understand just WHY she does this stuff and the golden child/scapegoat dynamic. It helps me understand that it’s not my fault I was never able to earn my mother’s love.

  • Reese Daniel

    Malignant narcissism runs in families. The Native Americans called narcissism“Wetiko”, which is a Native American word for cannibal; not of the flesh, but of another’s life…destroying them mentally. Malignant personalities have a superhuman propensity to sow discord. They are also skilled liars and smooth-talking politicians. Because they seem so holy, people believe whatever they say. They will show one mask to the world, and show their true self to those they seek to destroy. You can never win with a narcissist. They will spread lies about you and if you even attempt to defend yourself, you will discover that you are already “damned if ya do and damned if ya don`t.” It’s a calculated, remorseless, sadistic power play. It is intentional and absolutely psychopathic. They suck the life out of you and go on their merry way, saying, what in the world is wrong with YOU?? It’s a never-ending chain of pain around one of these people. The “gift” that keeps on giving, even after you go No Contact with them, which is the only way to be free from their abuse. Malignant narcissists and their enablers don’t love you or care about you. You are JUST BEING USED. They despise you and are totally envious of you. Envy means HATE. They hate you. These are small minded, tiny little phony people, who live within small mundane worlds which suit their personal control grid..A relationship with a narcissist is nothing but a steaming pile of psychotic garbage.