Narcissistic Abuse: The Dysfunctional Role Of Scapegoat

(Luminousz Ztar) WARNING: Some information shared in this video will be disturbing to some viewers Please use precaution.

Becoming addicted to the dynamics of a dysfunctional relationship can be challenging to overcome. It is oftentimes that the scapegoated family member has become addicted to being scapegoated.

The scapegoater is usually the family member who is either a narcissists, or a person with a cluster b personality disorder. Oftentimes, the scapegoater recruits other in the dysfunctional family to gang up on the scapegoated.

The dysfunctional family dynamic can become addictive due to the enmeshment of family members. The choice to thrive forward past the dynamics of a dysfunctional family is always within reach and very possibly to achieve!

In dysfunctional families, black sheep are often viewed and treated as scapegoats within the family. Scapegoating involves the practice of singling out a party for unmerited negative treatment or blame; it can be likened to bullying.


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