Resident Evil: Retribution (2012) – Jay’s Analysis

The Eye of the Umbrella Corporation is watching you!

(Jay’s Analysis) I confess, I’m a bit surprised I haven’t found a real analysis of Resident Evil in the “conspiracy” realm.  There are a few videos on youtube, but the quality is so poor, there’s no point in mentioning them.  I am sure many of my friends and compatriots will sneer and giggle at a Resident Evil analysis, inasmuch as I am basically the only one who sees any value in the series.

In fact, not so much because the storyline is that great (it’s pretty cookie-cutter, since it is a video game film), but from a “conspiracy” vantage point, the symbols and messages in the series are exceptionally relevant.  The “conspiracy” view is hot stuff nowadays, and pop culture is rife with “Illuminati” references everywhere.  Resident Evil, however, is deeper than one might expect, and worthy of analysis, if anything because it has become a billion dollar plus franchise.  In particular, I’m going to focus on the latest installment, Resident Evil: Retribution.

The overall plot, for those who aren’t aware, focuses on Alice (Milla Jovovich), the former head of security for the Umbrella Corporation, the omnipotent, omnipresent shady conglomerate that focuses on genetic engineering, bio-tech, bio-warfare, cloning and virology in its endless underground cities and facilities.  Alice eventually discovers she is herself a crucial Umbrella experiment, being imprinted with an entirely false past with false memories and genetically engineered abilities that have resulted from the famed T-Virus, which originally caused the zombie apocalypse.  Alice is constantly being cloned and tested on, with endless Millas piling up like hot sexy garbage.  Alice wants answers and revenge, and embarks on a never ending mission to stop Umbrella and save what is left of the human race following the ravages of the now global zombie apocalypse.

In the first few installments, Alice escapes from the Umbrella facilities that are run by an A.I. supercomputer known as “Red Queen.”   At first, communist ideology comes to mind with the red queen (since feminism is a Communist movement), and given the imagery and symbolism of the new film, it would not be far off.  Communist/Soviet imagery and symbolism dominates the new film, making it even more “Illuminist” than I would have ever expected.  The Cold War is referenced and made use of symbolically throughout the film, with resurrected undead Soviet zombies being used in the underground simulation cities.  (The Red Queen is also the queen in Alice in Wonderland.)

The Zombie Apocalypse is coming. Only hot chicks will survive.

As it turns out, Alice only thinks she is in Tokyo, Berlin, Moscow, etc.  In actual fact, the cities are recreated simulations in a completely controlled and surveilled Umbrella underground base.  In fact, underground cities and bases are very real, being mentioned all the way back in James Bamford’s classic The Puzzle Palace in 1982.  A.I. Supercomputers like the “Red Queen” also exist, as Bamford has written of, as well.  Bamford wrote in that work:

“…the NSA’s enormous basement, which stretches for city blocks beneath the Headquarters-Operations Building, undoubtedly holds the largest and most advanced computer operation in the world.”

Alice in Wonderland.

Countless other tales of underground bases and cities abound, but Bamford’s credentials are not doubted.  In fact, William Binney, who designed the program the NSA presently uses was recently written up in the New York Times describing the architecture of the real NSA supercomputer spying grid.

Now, however, according to Wired magazine and Bamford (and Binney), the new Supercomputer is located in Utah.

The Umbrella Corporation also brings up interesting associations.  Umbrella is the “Illuminati” (in the game Resident Evil 4, you fight the “Illuminados”) to make things simple, with designs to re-engineer humanity to achieve the next level of evolution, while simultaneously using the T-Virus to kill off most of the human population.  Regular readers of this blog are well aware of the eugenics movement, as well as the elite depopulation agendas which are all very real, and involve scenarios that include mass bio releases to annihilate the masses and preserve a certain class in  a breakaway civilization, in a kind of Noah’s Ark reboot.

As has been pointed out many times on this blog, this pop culture and literary meme is very prevalent: enough so that it’s worthy of consideration from this alone, not to mention the actual statements of such scenarios by various elites.  Indeed, this is all the more reason to pay attention to the plots and narratives in fiction, as the elites, social engineers and psych warfare experts weave their twilight language like a tapestry through the popular media imagery.

As we look for the likely matches to the Umbrella Corporation, we notice that the Umbrella is a symbol of British intelligence, particularly from Neville Chamberlain, the British Prime Minister with whom the umbrella is classically associated.  Chamberlain was generally seen with a bowler hat and an umbrella, and it is precisely under Chamberlain and Lord Halifax that Hugh Sinclair helped set up the Secret Intelligence Service, which would become MI6.

Lord Chamberlain looking like John Steed

A development of the British Naval Intelligence Division, it should be recalled that this is where Ian Fleming, the masterspy and head of World War II psychological warfare for England, operated.  The umbrella also has an association with the J.F.K. assassination, and the famed “Umbrella Man,” believed to be signalling the shot, or more shots.  In fact, Kennedy’s father had been a supporter of Chamberlain and the U.S. ambassador to England, while Kennedy  Jr. supposedly wrote his thesis on the appeasement (symbolized by the umbrella) of Nazis that Chamberlain supported.

The U.S. is collapsed.

So we do see a connection between the Umbrella and British Intelligence, and we can also toss in the Tavistock Institute, since it too is associated with pioneering mind control experimentation that would become the MKULTA program.  Tavistock was also intimately connected to the Rockefellers, British Intelligence, psychological warfare and the Royal Institute for International Affairs, which helped establish the O.S.S. and CIA, none of which is a “conspiracy theory,” but historic fact.  Thus “Alice,” who brings to mind Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland is appropriate, since Carroll coined the phrase “down the rabbit hole,” which would come to refer to alternate realities, alternate identities and a secret world of deception and mirrors, in which things are not what they seem (i.e., the intelligence world), as well as a symbol of the loss of the psyche in mind control programming.

In fact, rewriting the brain through vaccines and genetic engineering is now public.  The actual situation of this viral technology is literally what is found in Resident Evil (despite the gmo monsters):

While there may not be gmo monsters, the reality is, the zombie symbolism represents the oblivious masses, all subject to the socially engineered alteration of traditional societies into the bizarro insanity of modernity, destined for collapse.  And apocalyptic collapse is the entire message of the Resident Evil franchise.  In fact, the Umbrella Corporation’s logo does resemble the Templar Cross, long associated with the Masonic Order(s) of the same name.

The Soviets resurrected.

Thus, an elite eugenics order runs a secretive, underground corporation that controls the globe, resurrects and manipulates the “Communist” threat as it sees fit, owns a police state thug army, and is hell-bent on genetically modifying humanity into an over(wo)man (think of Hanna) who survives the Apocalypse in a social Darwinian fashion.  This entity uses the entire globe as a lab for its experiments, including entire cities that are drugged and bio-engineered, like an actual size test tube.  That’s too crazy–that could never exist.  The zombies are right – we “conspiracy theorists” are insane.

Corporate Police State.

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