Scientists Now Claim They Can Make Babies Without Female Eggs

(Melissa Dykes) The future just sounds more fun by the day. Now in a first, scientists are claiming they can make babies without the need for female eggs.

How does it work you ask? They trick the sperm.

Researchers at University of Bath have succeeded in mice by using chemicals to trick their sperm into believing it was fertilizing an egg when, in fact, it was a lab-created “pseudo-embryo” manufactured from basic cells.

They were able to achieve a successful pregnancy in one out of every four tries. The mice they “created” through this process were able to grow up and have healthy babies of their own, overturning 200 years of scientific knowledge in one go.

Dr. Tony Perry told BBC: “This is the first time that anyone has been able to show that anything other than an egg can combine with a sperm in this way to give rise to offspring.”

The BBC goes on to say, “Removing the need for an egg could have a wider impact on society…” and one day, scientists claim they will be able to combine sperm with ordinary cells in the body to create another human being. The suggestion is that a single man can have his own child who would be like a non-identical twin.

How weird is that, just by the way? “Come here son…”

These stories always swing anything under the banner of “science” as “for the common good,” but what the commoners think is “good” is vastly different than the opinions of the people behind the scenes funding all this science.

Once again, the eugenics undertones are shining through. If the world is so overpopulated the way mainstream science tries to assure us it is, once they can “create” human beings in a lab, authorities will be a lot more inclined to take away the vast majority of humanity’s right to do so organically. Have you seen the dystopic future movie Gattaca ? You might want to check it out if you haven’t, because apparently we’re headed there as we speak.

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