Full Spectrum Dominance: The Entire Globe Is A Battlefield For Pentagon

Source: RT Forget it; the Global War on Terror (GWOT) is not becoming more “democratic” – or even transparent. US President Barack Obama now pledges to transfer the responsibility of the shadow ‘Drone Wars’ from the CIA to the Pentagon – so the US Congress is able to monitor it. Until virtually yesterday the Obama administration did not […]

Pentagon Engaging in a Power Grab Against the Civilian Leadership

Source: Washington’s Blog The Long Island Press reports: For the average citizen watching events such as the intense pursuit of the Tsarnaev brothers on television, it would be difficult to discern between fully outfitted police SWAT teams and the military. The lines blurred even further Monday as a new dynamic was introduced to the militarization of domestic […]

It Could Be A War Crime To Use Biologically Enhanced Soldiers

Source: Strat Risks Earlier this month, a report funded by the Greenwall Foundation examined the legal and ethical implications of using biologically enhanced humans on the battlefield. Given the Pentagon’s open acknowledgement that it’s working to create super-soldiers, this is quickly becoming a pertinent issue. We wanted to learn more, so we contacted one of the study’s […]