The Mortgage Shuffle, Recalled Loans, Broken System, No Hope, No Homes

(Cutting Through The Matrix) Alan Watt (Apr 2, 2017)

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Topics of show covered in following links:

Beyond Outrageous – Steven J. Baum Halloween Party Photos Show Appalling Lack of Respect Toward the Homeowners they Defraud

What the Costumes Reveal

Charleston establishes procedures for dismantling homeless camps

I-77 toll lane construction impacts homeless camps

Sweeps of Homeless Camps in Washington State Violated Rights, Judge Rules

Deputies bring in heavy machinery to clear homeless camp near DeLand

As Gainesville’s homeless population grays, hope fades

Homeless Cleared From Camp in Downtown Indianapolis

As Waikiki moves homeless out of tourist zones, some fear perpetual displacement

Housing Not Handcuffs

HUD 2015 Continuum of Care Program Competition

Talking Points on Homeless Encampments & Sweeps

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