The Obamacare Debacle Will Crash The Whole US Economy

(FutureMoneyTrends) Karl predicted that the medical industry and current US government run healthcare will be the cause of the biggest economic crash in history if not prevented. We only have a few years left he says. Don’t worry about the debt ceiling worry about the Republicans crappy proposal to replace Obamacare with something just as bad. Don’t miss this critical update and we’ll definitely get Karl back on as the Trump Presidency unfolds and warps the US economy further down the rabbit hole.

00:50 Debt Ceiling: Could it Ruin Trump’s Presidency? 04:20 Karl predicts no big Debt crisis 06:00 Republicans Put forth Horrible Obamacare Replacement 10:30 Medicaid costs to bankrupt State Budgets by 2020 14:10 Trump taking credit for stock market rally 18:45 Americans don’t know real medical costs 19:40 Economy to crash BECAUSE of health care mess 25:10 Doctors today are not using preventive medicine 29:10 Facebook style website data mining accelerating 30:35 You have a few years left to prepare Yourself 33:25 Get more from Karl

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