The Rise Of The Unarmed Warrior – Taking The Fight Deep Behind Enemy Lines.

(Mark Hall) How many times have you looked around you and thought how the world seems so completely mad and upside down?

Ladies and gentleman, a world coup d’etat is planned.

It’s called ‘Globalisation’

The world and the people behind the bars we paid for
The world and the people behind the bars we paid for

When you stay with this subject for long enough and see the unbelievable number of ‘coincidences’ that seem to occur, you begin to come to no other conclusion than the fact that the attack upon humanity is being carried out with almost military, scientific and ruthless precision and it is not mad at all.

To those of you who think that I might be simply anotherconspiracy theorist’ – please stop reading now as the remainder of this article is definitely NOT FOR YOU as you are still fast asleep.

To the rest of you who are either awake or struggling to rise yourself out of slumber, I’m sure you have rapidly come to the conclusion that a global fascist tyranny is being constructed before our very eyes and we are definitely under some sort of attack scientifically, socially, and psychologically.

Then it seemed that synchronicity came into play when I later listened to a gentleman on the radio saying that there was a conspiracy going on at the top of British politics, where leading members of the three main political parties, supposedly diametrically opposed to each other, were regular attendees of an organisation called the Bilderberg Group.My ‘awakening’, for want of a better term, began a few years ago before 9/11 when I read an excellent book, although slightly dated, called ‘None Dare Call it Conspiracy’ by Gary Allen. It is worth reading because it gives you a view of the world that has been deliberately hidden from your gaze for too long, – until now.

This is not a Conspiracy Theory
This is not a Conspiracy Theory

The Bilderberg Group is one of several different organisations, rarely mentioned, if ever, by the mainstream media, where leading movers and shakers of the world, such as top bankers, politicians, and captains of big industry come together and meet in secret. These leading elites come together to discuss policy strategies to be implemented.

A plethora of think tanks and so-called charities funded by these elites work on different ideas and make policy recommendations, which are then enacted, via legislation, through respective national parliaments.

Funding is not a problem if you control a central bank. The basic power of any central bank is being able to create money out of absolutely nothing, lending this‘money’ to people and then charging interest on it. The power to create money out of nothing gives the controllers unlimited resources to fund any number of organisations required to remake the world in the way the controllers see fit, and that is exactly what is happening.

This is where Free Trade ends up Free Trade = Free Labour
This is where Free Trade ends up
Free Trade = Free Labour

Do you ever wonder why it is that democratically elected politicians of all mainstream parties seem doggedly committed to ever-closer political and economic links with organisations like the European Union and the United Nations irrespective of the fact that most of the public are completely against further integration of any kind?

Do you ever wonder why it is that farming and industry are systematically decimated, while at the same time any protection from foreign imports are drastically swept away under the guise of ‘free trade’?

Do you wonder why the end results in us having to pay social security to millions of unemployed, who could be in useful and productive jobs providing local goods and services for local communities?

Do things like this seem purely accidental to you?

In my opinion I think that this is not the case.

How can the globalist agenda be rolled back? PUBLICITY WILL DEFEAT IT.

Much of this planning over the long term has been carried out in silence and in secret. It is time to start asking questions. Start to hold decision makers, both local and national, to account. The more people ask questions and stop taking things lying down, the easier it will become. You yourself can work wonders with a mobile phone and a few well directed phone calls and even the camera on your phone can be used to good effect if you so choose.

You have the power. USE IT!

Take a look at the Community Press Group website for the amazing work of Alan Taylor-Shearer; a one-man journalist who is making waves in his community both local and national.

I am not saying you should do exactly what Alan is doing, but if everybody writes letters or picks up the phone and asks to be put through to some of these ‘jobsworth’ decision makers, it will start to make a difference and most of them will become too scared to do anything wrong.

He who asks at least gets a response

The time has come for all of us to ask questions of those who feel they have a right to rule

The time has come for all of us to ask questions of those who feel they have a right to rule
The time has come for all of us to ask questions of those who feel they have a right to rule

Start asking them some searching questions. If they don’t return your calls, ring them again until you get through. Ask them why they haven’t returned your calls. Ask them why they haven’t responded to your letters and never take no for an answer. Never ever be satisfied with a standard run of the mill answer. Ask your questions again. Be polite, be persistent, and keep trying. The more they refuse to answer the more it helps to build up a case against their incompetence or maladministration in office.

Send your story to the Community Press Group website and we’ll publish it.

It will make wrong doers sit up and think before they attempt to implement policies which deliberately hurt and harm their fellow man. On You Tube there is a group called ‘We are Change’.

These guys show what can be done. They go out with a camera and microphone and chase down some of these decision makers who either break out into a run, choose not to answer, or stand there like frightened children without their teleprompters or handlers ready to prompt them with sound bites.

To see these rulers stand aghast at someone having the temerity to question them is a sight to behold. For an example of what I am talking about see here:-

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