Trump Fills The Swamp With Steven Mnuchin

(corbettreport) Trump has named Steven Mnuchin as his Treasury Secretary. So who is Mnuchin, and what does his background tell us about his ideology and what kind of administration Trump is assembling? Today we talk to Michael Krieger of about Mnuchin’s career, his Goldman Sachs and Soros ties, and his shady business practices, as well as the other people being appointed to helm the Trump White House.

Goldman Sachs Crony Expected To Be Confirmed As Treasury Secretary As Soon As Monday Night

(EPJ) The Senate is expected to confirm Steven Mnuchin as the 77th Treasury Secretary of the United States as soon as Monday night, reports The Wall Street Journal. Mnuchin spent 17 years at Goldman Sachs, leaving in 2002. Mnuchin cleared the Senate Finance Committee earlier this month after Democrats boycotted the vote. Democrats said they wanted more information from the nominee and Republicans subsequently suspended the rules to advance his nomination without any Democrats in attendance.

In interviews, Mnuchin has stated that as Treasury Secretary he would consider enlarging the IRS.

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