TSA And CBP Employees Use Their Own Judgment To Decide Who’s A Criminal Or Terrorist

(Mass PrivateI) According to a 2015 DHS Data Mining report, DHS claims the ‘Homeland Security Act’ authorizes them to get Americans secret risk assessments.

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and U.S.Customs Border Protection (CBP) employees use their own judgment to decide who’s a criminal or terrorist.

“While each program described below engages to some extent in data mining, no decisions about individuals are made based solely on data mining results. In all cases, DHS employees analyze the results of data mining, and then apply their own judgment and expertise to bear in making determinations about individuals initially identified through data mining activities.”This is ludicrous, how do you let the Feds decide who’s a terrorist or criminal based on their feelings?

DHS and private corporations determine who’s a terrorist

DHS’s data mining report shows how the Feds are using computer programs to criminalize people.

Below, is an excerpt taken from the Legislative Language 2B section…

“A thorough description of the data mining technology that is being used or will be used, including the basis for determining whether a particular pattern or anomaly is indicative of terrorist or criminal activity.”

According to the report, DHS’s new ATS-UPAX interface gives real-time risk assessments to people and vehicles.

“ATS-L provides CBP Officers and Border Patrol Agents at the land border ports of entry and at Border Patrol locations between the ports of entry with access to real-time databases to assess the risk posed by vehicles and their occupants, as well as pedestrians, as they cross the border.”

“The module employs data obtained from CBP license plate readers and traveler documents to compare information against state DMV databases and data sets available through ATS to assess risk and to determine if a vehicle or its passengers may warrant further scrutiny.”

“ATS-L also compares license plate and DMV data to information in ATS source databases including watch lists, criminal records, warrants, and a statistical analysis of past crossing activity. The results of these comparisons are either assessments recommending further official interest in a vehicle and its travelers or supporting information for the clearance and admission of the vehicle and its travelers.”

Corporations and universities are developing programs like DHS’s ‘Visual Analytics for Command, Control and Interoperability Environments’ which can allegedly identify criminals and terrorists. Private corporations only driving force is profit, they don’t care if their products are inaccurate or put innocent people behind bars.

DHS spying is an $11 billion dollar industry

image credit: Slideshare

According to a report titled ‘Big Data & Data Analytics, Homeland Security & Public Safety: 2017-2022’ DHS spying data mining will be an $11 billion dollar industry by 2022. (Click here to view the PowerPoint presentation.)

Last month, I warned everyone that banks are also deciding who’s a terrorist. and that people are being arrested for criticizing politicians and police.

Things are spiraling out of control and no one cares.

Border Patrol acknowledges risk assessments are inaccurate

“The results of positive queries in ATS-L are designed to signal to CBP officers and agents that further inspection of a vehicle or its travelers may be warranted, even though a vehicle or individual may not have been previously associated with a law enforcement action or otherwise noted as a subject of concern to law enforcement.”

EPIC filed a FOI lawsuit in 2014 warning everyone about DHS’s data mining program.

The new system appears to be a one-stop shop for classified and non-classified materials and can include a target’s name, address, race, physical characteristics, gender, social security number, family relationships, occupation, and more.

You can’t sugarcoat it anymore, the Feds don’t care if someone is innocent, they’ll be detained, interrogated and searched based on a person’s feeling (judgment).

A list of programs DHS uses to determine if someone’s a criminal or terrorist:

NIIS (Non Immigrant Information System)
ESTA (Online Visa application)
SAVI (Container, vehicle tracking)
TES data (Primary & Secondary screening of people)
NLETS (National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System)
NCIC (National Criminal Information Center)
SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Program)
TSDB  (Terrorist Screening Database)

Is DHS data mining being used to arrest innocent people?

A 2013 DHS Data Mining report, revealed that arrests have increased since DHS began using data mining.

If the Feds and law enforcement are allowed to use their own judgment to detain, question and search people, what’s America going to like in the next five to ten years?

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