Unschooling And Peaceful Parenting Life With Dayna Martin

(TheAnarchast) Jeff interviews unschooling and peaceful parenting advocate, Dayna Martin, topics include: Dayna a leader in unschooling, Dayna’s wonderful 3 day workshop at Anarchapulco, day to day life unschooling with 4 children, highly independent polymath children, intuitive parenting, increasing advocacy, mental liberation, fundamental self change and growth, self discovery, evolving into higher consciousness, transcending one’s reactionary triggers, peaceful parenting, children’s rights, mental liberation, Dayna’s women’s circle at Anarchapulco!

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Dayna’s website: http://daynamartin.com/

Dayna’s workshop at Anarchapulco: https://anarchapulco.com/2016/12/16/d…

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