V2V: Leave The Driving To US!

(Level9News) The Federal Government is planning to implement legislation dubbed V2V – Connected Vehicle Communications to be mandated on all private and commercial vehicles. This legislation effectively asks citizens to “leave the driving to us” under one of the last bastions of personal freedom – individual mobility. The USDOT secretary, Anthony Foxx stated earlier this year the planning and implementation program was a year ahead of schedule.  V2V & V2I…another brick in the wall.


On September 1, 2016, the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) awarded three cooperative agreements collectively worth more than $45 million to initiate a Design/Build/Test phase of the Connected Vehicle (CV) Pilot Deployment Program in three sites: Wyoming, New York City (NYC), and Tampa.

Intelligent Transportation Systems Joint Program Office announced that these technologies are designed to save lives, improve personal mobility, enhance economic productivity, reduce environmental impacts, and transform public agency operations. Over the past 12 months, each site has prepared a comprehensive deployment concept to ensure a rapid and efficient connected vehicle capability roll-out. Now the three sites will embark on a new 20-month phase to design, build, and test the nation’s most complex and extensive deployment of integrated wireless in-vehicle, mobile device, and roadside technologies.

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