What Is Programming And Mind Control?

(HVORA) Mind control works for the cult/organized perpetrator group to keep their victims silent and obedient.  Extensive measures are used to psychologically control a victim’s mind, and this is how these groups can continue to get away with extreme crime and remain largely undetected by mainstream society.  Therefore, the tool of programming and mind control is taken very seriously by perpetrator groups, and done thoroughly throughout a victim’s childhood, starting as early as possible.  

Most victims with sophisticated mind control do not know they are mind controlled, and live on an automatic pilot to do the group’s will, which in the very least involves not remembering or knowing about the abuse, and not disclosing it.  This can certainly be fought against which is why there are perseverant survivors remembering and disclosing, but it can be a difficult complicated process.  A common program for ritual abuse victims is known as “suicide programming” so that a victim will commit suicide upon remembering, disclosing, or no longer being useful to the group. This makes things convenient for the perpetrator groups; their disobedient victims can get rid of themselves for the group, and no blame or evidence can fall upon the perpetrators.   

The brainwashing is sophisticated, complex, and layered.  Some of the basic means of brainwashing include food and sleep deprivation, hypnosis, drugging, electric shock, spinning, psychic driving (repetition, chanting, rhymes etc.), physical torture and virtual reality technology.  They commonly link benign objects and statements in everyday life with cult messages, so that a victim’s programming is constantly being reinforced even when away from the perpetrators.  (For example, the cartoon character Mickey Mouse is sometimes used in programming so that when the child sees Mickey Mouse in their everyday life, they will interpret it with one of the cult messages, such as “you are being watched by us” or “you are evil and hated” or “you will never escape” etc.)  These pairings help ensure full control so that even when a person is being nice to the child in every day life, the child will interpret it as reinforcement of cult messages.  They especially pair things that might empower the victim with disempowering cult messages.  These pairings make it as if the perpetrator group/cult is with the child 24/7, controlling every aspect of their life, even after they grow up or get away from them.  Because of dissociation, the every day life child has no idea any of this is taking place.  (See the next section on Dissociation)

Without education, a person with complex mind control may be seen as delusional, psychotic or paranoid.  But that is not the case. It is simply that the abusers use a person’s mind against them.  It is possible for a survivor to reclaim and no longer feel terrified of their own mind.  To learn more about programming and techniques to combat programming, see the resources section.  The articles have a section on mind control/programming.  The recommended books have good information as well.  

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